Wednesday, March 5, 2014

SBGA on Accepting Gift Cards at Your Business

Gift cards inherently drive more customers to your business. When you offer gift cards, your existing clients purchase them for friends and family so they too may engage in your offerings, and as a rule, people that receive gift cards are led directly through your business’s door to use them.

Oftentimes when people use a gift card they spend more money than the gift card amount at your business. If someone has a gift card for $25 to your business, spending an extra $25 above that will seem like nothing to them – it seems like a deal because they’re getting $50 worth of goods for $25. This in turn puts more money in your pocket while creating new clientele.

When you offer gift cards, you leverage the power of future money today. To start growing your profits with gift cards, all you have to do is provide the physical card – your new customers will take care of the rest.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

SBGA | Small Business Growth Alliance | About

SBGA (Small Business Growth Alliance) was formed with an emphasis on offering products and services that address the needs of merchants and small business owners. Through our partnership with a leading eCommerce services provider, Merchant Services, we deliver access to all major credit card brands and debit card networks through state-of-the-art terminals, applications and internet systems to assist businesses with maximizing their profits.

Our clients receive a single daily deposit of funds from all four major card brands, deposits within 48 hours and a single point of contact for customer service support. Our alliance offers QuickBooks integration services, designed to allow businesses to accept and post credit card payments within their QuickBooks® accounting software and enabling Clients to reduce accounting costs, eliminate the labor associated with double entries and avoid transcribing errors. For more information on SBGA, please visit