Friday, September 11, 2015

SBGA|QR Codes Display All Your Product Information in One Place

QR codes are another recent addition to the web management tools list and the best thing about them is the way they work. Every time the customer scans the QR code, all the information regarding the product or service that you, as business owner, wish to share, are available to the customers. QR codes allow the customer to receive information about a product whenever they like, wherever they like and therefore, they do not have to deal with regular emails about the deals and offers even if are not interested in having them. For the people associated with the business, QR codes are in many ways the true indicator of how much impact they are having on the audience in the social media and other online circuits. As, all the people scanning a particular QR code are potential customers of that particular service or product, QR codes give an idea about how much influence the online strategies and promotion activities are having in the decision making of the target audience. Even from the business owner’s perspective, QR codes are a great utility. Not only do they limit the effort and tools required for sending frequent emails and messages, but they can also help you get a higher ranking and thus work as reputation enhancer for your business. Every time a QR code is scanned, the search engines recognize it; associate it with your business and the rating of your business as a whole goes a notch higher in the online circuits.

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Savings Add Up with High Volume Shipping

High volume shipping is becoming a more commonplace component for the small business owner. Ecommerce, the internet, and a shrinking world have many businesses shipping more than ever before.  While more shipping means more overall profits, it also means more expenses. High volume shipping can add up to large shipping bills, which is why many savvy business owners are turning to discounted shipping services.
High volume shipping means high costs for your business, but with a discounted shipping service you can operate more efficiently.  You’ll get the same shipping service you’ve always enjoyed at a fraction of the cost. Most business that conduct high volume shipping saves hundreds of dollars a month when they enroll in a discounted shipping service, which can add up to thousands of dollars in extra profits at the end of the year. Using a discounted shipping service for your high volume shipping needs simply allows you to make more money.!.
With access to our incredible FedEx discounts you’ll quickly see our savings add up. There are so many benefits to partnering with SBGA, you can’t afford not to request a free consultation.  Start saving on your high volume shipping today with SBGA’s discounted shipping service.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Credit Card Processing Is Convenient for Your Customers

Customer service is extremely important for any business. Being able to satisfy a customer’s needs makes a customer happy, but turning a one-time customer into a repeat customer goes beyond having the products and services they need in stock. To build a solid customer base, a small business owner must think of ways to make a customer’s entire experience easier and more convenient. One simple way to start this process is to accept credit and debit card payments.
Accepting credit and debit card payments makes the transaction process a lot easier for your customers and your employees. Your customers are given the opportunity to spend more than the cash they have on-hand, and your employees are given the opportunity to provide quick and efficient customer service. Instead of worrying about counting out the right amount of exact change, an employee can provide useful information about upcoming sales, or use the opportunity to up sell products and complimentary items to the purchaser, which could overall result in bigger sales. Likewise, customers are more likely to buy more when paying with a credit or debit card. Convenience pays off.

Card processing by itself doesn’t guarantee repeat business. However, not offering your customers the choice to pay with credit or debit is a sure way to convince people not to do business with you. It isn’t difficult to set up a processing account, and the profits will start rolling in almost immediately. Making your business open to electronic payment transactions is the sign of a savvy business owner who understands how to make money.

Monday, May 19, 2014

SBGA Irvine on How to Eliminate Accounting Mistakes with Integration Services

While many small business owners believe they are saving money by doing their own accounting for their business, this actually isn’t true. Any savings the owner thinks is happening is actually eaten away by the time spent doing all of the accounting work. At the same time, bookkeepers don’t come cheap, and overworked employees trying to balance a ledger at the end of a long day can spell disaster for accuracy. Your small business has enough to worry about without overpaying for accounting mistakes. SBGA has your small business in mind and has a solution to help keep this part of your back office in shape.

Accuracy and cost-effectiveness is about more than just reducing the hours you or your bookkeeper spends in front of the computer (or notebook) – it’s about making the entire process faster and easier with no mistakes. One way that we do this is by establishing automated payment schedules for your customers so you can send out ‘Click to Pay’ email invoices that allow them to pay their bills instantly via a secure web page. This not only shortens your accounts receivable time, but instantly updates in your QuickBooks® software once the transaction is complete. Another way that SBGA Accounting Solutions helps simplify your accounting process is through the integration of your QuickBooks® software and your credit card terminal so that every transaction is instantly recorded into QuickBooks®, eliminating the time spent to manually input sales information.  The risk of inaccurate recording drops like a stone when SBGA handles your back office solutions.

Eliminate human error, inaccurate numbers, and the stress of dealing with both when you enroll in SBGA Accounting Solutions. Let SBGA’s cost-effective solutions handle your accounting details for you – there are better things that you can allocate your time to.

Monday, April 28, 2014

SBGA on Customers Using Gift Cards Spend More

Sometimes the hardest part of running a business is getting customers through the door, which is why business owners spend so much money on advertising.  One very simple, profitable, and low cost way to advertise your business is through gift cards. Not only do gift cards encourage patronage, but they will also expose your brand to anyone who happens to see the card.

More importantly, gift cards can instantly increase your sales.  For gift card recipients, these cards are like free money, and having free money to spend will almost always bring people in to spend it.  Studies have shown that shoppers using gift cards almost always spend more in the store than the value of their gift card. Even if they don’t spend their entire card in one shopping session, people don’t like to leave money unspent. And, if there are only a few dollars left on their card, customers will return later to use it, spending more of their own cash and building a habit of repetition that may turn them into a regular customer.

When you offer gift cards, you will increase foot traffic to your business as well as sales.    In addition, for the small cost of a gift card program, you’ll get advertising in your customer’s wallets – a small price to pay for so many benefits.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

SBGA on Accepting Gift Cards at Your Business

Gift cards inherently drive more customers to your business. When you offer gift cards, your existing clients purchase them for friends and family so they too may engage in your offerings, and as a rule, people that receive gift cards are led directly through your business’s door to use them.

Oftentimes when people use a gift card they spend more money than the gift card amount at your business. If someone has a gift card for $25 to your business, spending an extra $25 above that will seem like nothing to them – it seems like a deal because they’re getting $50 worth of goods for $25. This in turn puts more money in your pocket while creating new clientele.

When you offer gift cards, you leverage the power of future money today. To start growing your profits with gift cards, all you have to do is provide the physical card – your new customers will take care of the rest.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

SBGA | Small Business Growth Alliance | About

SBGA (Small Business Growth Alliance) was formed with an emphasis on offering products and services that address the needs of merchants and small business owners. Through our partnership with a leading eCommerce services provider, Merchant Services, we deliver access to all major credit card brands and debit card networks through state-of-the-art terminals, applications and internet systems to assist businesses with maximizing their profits.

Our clients receive a single daily deposit of funds from all four major card brands, deposits within 48 hours and a single point of contact for customer service support. Our alliance offers QuickBooks integration services, designed to allow businesses to accept and post credit card payments within their QuickBooks® accounting software and enabling Clients to reduce accounting costs, eliminate the labor associated with double entries and avoid transcribing errors. For more information on SBGA, please visit